Early vaginal cancer check up

So on Tuesday its my first check up since I had surgery for VAIN 3 (turned out I had underlying early stage 1 vaginal cancer) and I’m dreading it! Don’t know what the options will be if there are still abnormalities found. Plus I think it’s going to be a very sore procedure due to my surgery.

Half of me wants to just leave it and what will b will be cos I’m sick of all these incredibly invasive procedures. :frowning:

Hi Nemo:

Please don't skip your check up. I know you're fed up with being prodded and peered at- we all are. Who'd be a woman? When you  think how much men moan about a finger up their bottom once a year when they get over 50...

Anyway, I had a vault smear last week ( I had a hysterectomy this time last year) and I was dreading it.However, it turned out to be far easier and less painful than the regular pap smear had been. Now, your surgery may have been more recent and more extensive, but the check up could be just as easy. I think that the docs are more inclined to be gentle etc because they don't want to mess with any stitches/scarring etc. 

Just go - after all you've been through, don't give up now.

love t xx

Hi Nemo :-)

Just sending you great big hugs (((((HUGS)))))

It's horrible that we have to go through all this but I can promise you that a check-up is the much better option.

Be lucky :-)