Early stage cancer diagnosis

Hi im Lucy 38yrs with a 2yr old daughter. I was recently diagnosed with early stage cervical cancer. My consultant wanted me to have a cone biopsy to see how deep this had gone before discussing next steps such as a historectomy. I have had this done and recived conformation for an appointment with him on the 7th November. Im going crazy waiting for the outcome of this. I know im very lucky my cancer is curable its just such a long wait to know whats happening next.

Hi Lucy,

Unfortunately, I went through the same thing as you have over 2 years ago. I had a cone biopsy done and my doctor made an appointment with me to review the results. That is where he told me that they were able to remove the cancer and had clear margins on all sides of it (ie they were not concerned that any was missed). Since then, I have had checks every three months for the first year and every six months since. My doctor did a pap and HPV check at these appointments and so far, everything has come back clear. I was open to a hysterectomy but he has said that it is not necessary for the moment. I hope this helps give you some clarity on what will happen next.

Thanks Paris that does put my mind at rest a bit. I am also open to a historectomy as I have my daughter and step children. Im just a planner and like to have my ducks in a row, there are also those niggling thoughts of what if there is more underneath and the preliminary staging is wrong… I know this is highly unlikley and even so it would still be curable… I imagine this is how everybody feels. Again thanks for sending me this message x