Early Stage Adenocarcinoma

Hi everyone, A bit of background; in late 2015 I was diagnosed with stage 1a1 cervical adenocarcinoma. My lesion was 1mmx3mm so pretty tiny, and the LLETZ procedure removed it with clear margins. My colposcopies have been clear ever since. For anyone who's had adenocarcinoma or knows more about it than I do, what are the chances of recurrence? I have my 6-month colposcopy check-up coming up in a few days so naturally, it's getting me thinking about it all again. I've heard there's a higher chance of recurrence with these kinds. When I was first diagnosed, they gave me the option of having the LLETZ procedure or a hysterectomy. Being in my early 30s and not having had children yet, I opted for the LLETZ, but am now wondering if that wasn't the best decision. I'm probably needlessly freaking myself out but it's one of those things I'd rather know than not, you know? Cancer is my biggest fear and now having had it, of course, my mind wanders to worst case scenarios pretty regularly. Thanks for any information you can give me!! <3

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Hi Bopper:

My doctor said there was a 1% chance of recurrence with stage 1a1 and that she had never had a case. If there was no likelihood of recurrence she wouldn't have insisted on 6 monthly checks for 5 years. I don't think the recurrence rate is any different than with squamous CC. However, the nature of adenocarcinoma may mean that a skip lesion was missed in the first treatment, (not hugely likely, but it can happen - it  did with me) so maybe that's why people believe the chances of recurrence are higher. 

love t xx

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Hi BBopper :-)

This is classic pre-check-up panic :-) Every six months regular as clockwork we light up like a Christmas tree :-) Might as well wear tinsel! Please don't worry, once you have hit the two to two-and-a-half year mark and still no sign of recurrence you will find you begin to be a bit more relaxed about these check-ups.

Be lucky :-)

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Oh boy, were you right Tivoli! Going for a colposcopy now is like going for a haircut. I mean, haircuts are definitely more fun but the colps aren't nearly as stressful anymore, thankfully! Bing bang boom, in and out. On with your day!

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Hi can I ask how you are now?

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Doing great! No recurrences whatsoever, all of my colposcopies and paps have been clear. I’ve even had a child since then! I can report that everything has been great :slight_smile:


This is wonderful to hear, congratulations xx

Thank you so much! How are you doing?