early smear test denied then routine comes back CIN3

A little background info.... I have suffered from lower back pain, pain during and after intercourse, bleeding between periods and fatigue for almost 2 years.  I asked for an early smear, my GP told me to make an appointment but when I turned up the nurse told me I couldn't have an early smear as there were no indicators of a porblem.  I then spoke to the GP who advised me that the nurse was correct as I didn't meet national guideline criteria for an early smear.  I went for my routine smear on May 12, I had to postpone several times as my period was irregular.  On Tuesday 20th May I recieved a letter from from colposcopy dept telling me my smear had come back with CIN3.  I now have to wait until 3rd June to be seen at colposcopy clininc.  

I made an appointment to speak with my GP about my concerns and saw him on Thursday, he came across as not giving a toss, when I told him I was angry that I hadn't been given an early test even with all the symptoms I had been attending with over the last 2 years.  As I was leaving I heard him say to the student that I was a hypochondriac.  I can't prove he said this, I just knnow that I will not be seeing him again, I came away feeling, scared, angry and at more of a loss than when I went in.  When I tried to explain my worries and concerns I felt he just brushed them off with - this kind of thing happens to plenty of women and it's normally a storm in a tea cup!!!!

I don't know where to go now, where to get advice, who to speak to.  All I know is I am worried that I have been presenting with concerning symptoms and the medical profession has let me down.  A part of me wants to stick my head in the sand and pretend it's not happening but I have a beautiful 6 year old princess and if it turns out to be more serious then I need to be around for her as long as possible.  


Sorry to hear u had a horrid time . I would be angry to..I would write to ur local government the doctors practice or anyone higer and above him ! How dare he treat you like this after all it's your body and you knew there was something wrong ! there probs already been a call for signatures to get the government to lower the age of smears but seams like they are not listening to the women whom are younger :( wish u all the best x



I know that Unison are calling for the government to extend and widen the age groups for testing as I attended Women's Conference in February.  Unfortunately it would appear that discussion around the private parts of a woman's body is still taboo... personally I think that if women want to be heard then we need more female voices.  


I'm still angry but have decided to focus on what I can do.  I will go to the colposcopy clinic for my appointment.  I will have whatever tests are required and any treatment needed.  I will be positive until I know where I stand.    Once the dust has settled I will be taking a stand for women everywhere and will become an advocate for others.   Negativity breeds bad karma. 


Well I'm in ! Message me if u need anything I'm sick of us women still not being heard x