Early pregnancy after trachelectomy

Hello all,

I had stage 1b cervical cancer some years ago, and had a radical trachelectomy as treatmen, which left me with .5 cm of a cervix. 

I am now almost 8 weeks pregnant, and for the past two weeks I have had almost non-stop brown discharge, which on a couple of occasions has turned red. I had a scan at 6 weeks because of this, with heartbeat detected. 

My question is: would you say women in our situation are more likely to experience spotting and light bleeding in early pregnancy? I am not having sex, so it wouldn't be that; but ever since my operation, I routinely got days of brown spotting preceding my period. So I'm wondering if the discharge and bleeding is simply more 'normal' in pregnancy when you barely have a cervix?.. Perhaps some of you have had a similar experience. 

I don't have any experience of this, but I've been told that as I had a cone biopsy when I'm next pregnant I will be monitored closely and will need a cervical stitch.  I will have to have a scan at around 8wks to check all is well with baby and measure my cervix. 

What did the Dr say at your scan?  Will you be seeing a consultant?

I believe brown spotting is quite common during the early stages of pregnancy though and probably isn't anything to worry about.  I hope all is well! x

Hello Consuelo Smile would you mind me asking how you are getting on please? I'm in exactly the same situation. I'm 8 weeks after having radical trach 18 years ago when I was 21. I'm 39 and this is our 2nd round ivf and at last it's worked. Have had nothing but brown discharge and then had a massive scare Sat in the middle of a shop with bright red. Scan showed all OK but started again today. They won't scan me again for another 4 days.  

I hope you'e doing well and I'd love to hear from you x