Early period 15 months after LEEP procedure



I had my first abnormal smear in September 2010. I had another abnormal smear in March 2011, and in the April had a colposcopy and LEEP for high grade CGIN. The first smear afterwards was normal, but then back to the abnormal smears until my next colposcopy/LEEP in December 2013. This time for low grade CGIN. An abnormal smear followed in July 2013, and then a normal result in December 2013. Throughout all of this, my period have been pretty much normal and regular, every 30 days. 

On Wednesday, I started having a slight brown discharge, and now (Saturday) I have my period. It's about 10 days early. 

Has anyone else experienced this, so many months after the LEEP? I know I'm so lucky, compared with some on the site, but it just gets a bit tiring when you start to think everything if okay and then another setback!!!

thanks in advance!!!!

Hello, I can't answer your question but hopefully somebody will answer through experience. The first thing that came to my head though was if it was plantation bleeding. Could be be pregnant? If your "period" came 10 days earlier that's means you bled around 4-6 days after you ovulated which can indicate the egg planting itself into the lining Of your womb. Maybe it's a little bit far fetched but it could totally explain it so worth keeping an eye on that. If you don't believe it's that then maybe go to the gp and see if they could do another smear as your last one was in December 4 months ago maybe they will do it for you. I hope you get it sorted and best of luck xxx

Thanks for replying.... Defo not pregnant! I think I'll probably give the nurse at hospital a call on Monday, as I'm still having hospital smears.... Hopefully I'm worrying over nothing!! Xx

With that eliminated then yes id definitely ring the nurse at the hospital on Monday. Hopefully it's nothing but at least it will ease your mind if they know and advise you. Good luck xxx

Hi Nicola,

I'm the same as you, I had Lletz in Oct last year for CIN3 and since then I have been very irregular with spotting in between.. I.e. Exactly same as you, started with brown spotting last Friday and then got my period the following Wednesday (1 week early) not sure what's going on, but I had my 6month check up smear at colposcopy on the Monday ( whilst spotting) and told them about it, they said Lletz will not affect your periods and I should go to the doctors if in worried.

im going to wait for the smear results and take it from there, but the information I was given is that the Lletz will not affect your period or spotting, it's just coincidence.. Pretty big coincidence if you ask me though..

Not sure if you're the same but cramps are worse than ever after the spotting, I also get bad cramps during spotting :(

Def go for a check up.

Sam x


Thanks! Yeah, I think I'm gonna give the nurse a call in the morning... I don't have my next smear/colposcopy until the beginning of July, so I'd only worry if I didn't!  I've always had heavy periods with bad cramps, but the one thing I could always rely on was that they were regular!! I really hope it's a one off!!

Hope your smear results are normal (it's so good to see that word! Normal!!), and you find out what's causing yours!!


Thanks Hun. Good luck at the docs - I hope it is a one off for you x