Early menopause - experiences?

Hi ladies! Ive recently been diagnosed with stage 1b1 CC and am booked in for a radical hysterectomy in a few weeks time. When my consultant gave me my options treatment wise he talked about wanting to remove my ovaries, as well as everything else, which would obviously trigger an early menopause and require HRT, but he also mentioned that women do opt to retain them which would prevent early menopause (I’m 34 this year). As we already have a child, and he said there’s a 2-3% chance of cancer being found in the ovaries he wants to take them out but said we can think it over and make that final decision before surgery. Hubby is also keen for me to have ovaries removed so there is no chance any cancer remains, but my mum has recently battled breast cancer which was triggered by her menopause and with the link between HRT and breast cancer I’m completely stuck as to what to do…do I leave ovaries in and run the very small risk of cancer being there or do I opt for them to come out and go through early menopause? I guess im just looking for any experiences from anyone who has gone through early menopause? What was the HRT like? Are there alternatives? Im going to ring my nurse on Monday to ask but just trying to gather as much info from ladies who have been through it first, thanks!! Xx

I had a radical hysterectomy about 7 weeks ago and they took everything. I am 40 and have been threw into menopause. My doctor will not give me meds for it so i have very bad hot flashes. But i will get by not too bad i guess. Good luck:-)

Hello ladies,

every will experience different effects from menopause, some get out easy and thier symptoms are mild and seem to disappear quickly others experience menopause greatly with symptoms lasting a few years. 

My oncology team did not want to give me HRT and advised me to stay away from that route unless my quality of life was really being effected by the menopause. I did have horrible night sweats and quite a few hot flashes during the day. It was hard to sleep and that made me achy all over. It's crazy what lack of sleep can do.

I spoke to my family dr who suggested the natural route at first. Such as sage tea, black cohash, etc. Honestly I don't think it did anything... he then prescribed me a medication for the hot flashes. This has worked!! It did take awhile to play with amount and get it in my system but it works. If I skip a pill I will feel hot flashes but they are not as bad as at the beginning. There are tablets that can help with hot flashes and they are NOT HRT.  If you are effected by symptoms seek help as you shouldn't have to suffer. 

Hope this helps a bit


stage 1Bcc here too, had radical but kept ovaries. I wasn't given % like you were but told it was rare. perhaps genetic link to breast cancer ups your odds as breast and ovarian cancers are linked. youll be great whatever you decide, I am under two weeks post surgery and it's so much better on this side when the decisions have been made!

good luck x


that is such a dilemma , I was 40 when I was diagnosed with 1b1 Adenocarcinoma and had a radical hysterectomy wth my ovaries left in to prevent early menopause,  unfortunately I was the rare case where the cancer returned to my left overy about 18months later. My Gyneacology nurse & consultant were very shocked as it is apparently "super rare." 

I needed further surgery and then chemo and radiotherapy , so I am now going through the menopause at 43 and I have to say I get by without medication , I am tired , achy and have a few hot flushes however I cope .  I know everybody is different but there are various coping strategies out there for the menopause.  

I wish you well whatever you decide.

greeni xx 


Wow greeni, it is a rare occurrence, spoke to my nurse today to get some advice and she said shes never known cc to recurr in the ovaries in all the years she has been doing her job but there is a 5% chance according to her, whereas a 0.2% chance of HRT having a direct link to breast cancer so i think i know which way im leaning now! Thank you so much for sharing your experiences, you're so brave and such a support! Xx

I get really bad flushes and I wanted to just go through it without hrt. Now I have problems with my hips so my oncologist has recommended starting it now for bone health. I was dead set against it too, but at the end of the day he knows best. 

The good thing is I can only take it for 3 years due to my age, and he did say the flushes will come back worse than ever when I stop the hrt. Can't really win haha x

My oncologist had no issues with me being on HRT and I love it. I'm vain though and I'm pretty sure it improves my skin etc. I thought the link of HRT to breast cancer development had been debunked. I know if you've had breast cancer that's a different story. Ofcourse if my oncologist had said no I wouldn't be on it. He prescribed it Jayne 

I've just turned 30 this year and haven't had a period for 2 years since being diagnosed and I still have everythig in place and I am advanced - I suffer with mood swings although these have calmed down now, hit flushes which aren't too bad and night sweats which are horrible cus I wake up soaking wet BUT this is a small price to pay for still being here - I've not been offered anything and I'm fine with that (I'm crap at taking things) - I make a joke of it with my nan who had hrt and she had a horrible time with it but each person is different so it's really your choice xx