Early cancer

This is my first post here. After reading you seem a great supportive bunch
Well here goes…
in 2015 I had abnormal smear, colposcopy, lletz
In 2016 I had borderline abnormal
Smear, colposcopy & they said all looked fine.
Feb 2017 abnormal smear high grade dyklerosys, then in March I had a colposcopy and 3 biopsies taken.
They said as I have had previous lletz treatment and don’t have any children my results would be discussed at MDT meeting. When I called for my results they said CIN3 and I need a lletz under general
Anesthetic and to wait for the appt. but then on last Thursday the consultant called saying i need to go in today urgently and I don’t need a GA.
well the consultant said I have “early cancer” and I needed urgent Lletz. So I had the treatment today and she said she will send a sample to the lab to be tested as urgent. And once the results are in she can discuss treatment.
What sort of results will I be waiting for? Surely if they already know it’s cancer they should discuss treatment options with me.
Scared & confused.

Hi Greypop

Try not to worry too much, it is sounding as though they have got this early, don't let the suggestion of more tests meaning the situation is worse (I did), they just like to get a full picture so that they can treat accordingly, rather that than for something to be missed!

I had smear test results, colposcopy with 3 punch biopsies the same day, MRI the next day, Pet one week later and then an internal examination, by this time I was telling myself it must be Stage 4!! In fact I was finally Staged at 2b, not nearly so bad! I begin my chem/radio next Wednesday for 6 weeks.

i know it's hard and everyone feels the same, the waiting for diagnosis is the most frustrating part, just try not to let the mind take over!!

Best of luck


Thank You. So do you think they are doing the test to see what stage it is?

good luck with your chem/rad therapy. x

Hi I had early cancer stage 1a1 2 years ago that was diagnosed after lletz. I had to have a cone biopsy under general and had an mri. The cone biopsy came back clear but they just needed to make sure they had clear margins so no more cancer or pre cancerous cells left in the cervix. I imagine that's probably what you'll have x

Thank you x 

Hi greypop

the results you need to wait for are clear margins on the tissue removed from your last lletz. If they get good cells at all of the edges of the tissue then you will most likely be watched and seen within the next 6-12 mths. If all of the edges are not clear or if the cancer they detected was adenosqamous then more test or treatment will be discussed with you. 

Hope that helps a bit 

best of luck

Just wanted to get in touch to say hi, good luck and you've absolutely come to the right place to discuss your worries here. I was diagnosed with CC 2.5 weeks ago and this forum has been incredible.

The women on here are so knowledgeable and can really help to ease your concerns.

As commented above, they will double double check make sure everything is ok which is why there are further tests, MRI etc all standard procedure. The waiting time is the absolute worst, but they've caught it super early and will keep a close eye on you.

Good luck and keep coming on here!



Thank you i hope i dont have to wait too long. the consultant said 2 weeks maximum. but i found i had to chase my colposcopy results after 3 weeks! 

Really hope you get more information soon, will keep my finger's crossed for a quick turnaround.

Best wishes



Thank you everyone this site os fantastic everyone is so helpful and supportive 

I'm so confused.... 

i just called the hosp to see if results were back and she said they weren't, but she could read my letter that's going to the GP. No mention on CC in it just CIN3. and the bit they removed with lletz was 18mm 


the consultant actually told me I have "early cancer" 

but no mention of this in the letter. Confused!