Ear, Nose and Throat?? Please help!

Hi everyone,
A bit worried here, any feedback gratefully received. I got a letter from the hospital referring me to a consultant in Ear, Nose and Throat a week before my op. They were doing a new MDT for me on Wednesday as I’m in a new hospital for treatment and I’m worried that they looked at the PET and have seen something they didn’t see before.
Does anybody know if this is part of pre-op? I’m so worried, didn’t sleep a wink last night.

Hi, the ear nose and throat department isn't usually part of post treatment. It maybe that the think you have tonsillitis or something. Try not worry.

the cancer would spread from your cervix up so if it is what your thinking there would be something inbetween xx

Finally have an answer. The consultant who looked at my PET in December in the Mater made the referral. There is a small inflammation in my thyroid. It wasn't mentioned at the MDT on Wednesday. My clinical nurse said she had no knowledge of it before this and not to worry, it is not connected to the cervix. On my file it says "Query small uptake in thyroid". Her colleague in the ENT said it's quite common to have inflammation/a nodule on thyroid, usually it turns out to be nothing but they'll do an ultrasound on it anyway to make sure. Thanks for your help ladies xx

Thanks for letting us know Maeve :-)