Hello all,
After being given the all clear i have now had a letter through i have Dyskaryosis low grade but even so i am petrified.
I am now waiting for a colposcopy, i am 57 soon and feel like i have a ticking time bomb in there!
I cannot find any info about having a colposcopy for low grade Dyskaryosis only cin2.

Hello Daisy
I din’t want to read and not reply but here is what I found online about dyskaryosis .They are abnormal or precancerous cells , they are not cancer. But they could develop into cancer if left untreated. I think most of women here in this forum has had it . I was treated last year on March for cin2/3 caused by hpv , my treatment was lletz under general anesthesia. Since yours is low grade I doubt you will require treatment. Am soon to get my last dose of gardasil hpv vaccine, which I did private since am over the age required to get one for free .

I just wondered why i am being sent for a colposcopy so quicky, not complaining but it says you don’t have to have one this soon.

I am feeling anxious knowing this is going to be hanging over me for how long?

I have gone from 5 yearly to all of this and i am frightened. X

A colposcopy is only a ‘closer look’ - it’s a fail-safe and it’s really good that you’re getting it. I think you’re getting confused between LLETZ and colposcopy - LLETZ is a treatment that is often performed at colposcopy if there is CIN2 or 3 detected; CIN1 would generally be left, as would ‘borderline abnormal’ cells, as they may resolve on their own. I think this is a time to feel positive. You’ve got to 59 without problems, but something is happening and it’s good that it’s going to be investigated - maybe just a precaution, but they can view your cervix with up to 40 x magnification at the colposcopy clinic, and stain it with a solution that will show any abnormalities. Positive thoughts! It’s not the most pleasant thing to have someone poke a camera up along with a speculum (and maybe take a pinch of tissue to biopsy, if there’s anything suspicious) but nothing to be petrified about. X

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Was reading on here and it says a coposcopy is not done at this stage.
This is why i am confused.

It won’t let me post it!
It says a colposcopy is only done when one of these problems has been found.
I have none of the problems in the list.

Hi daisymae65

As jacks133 said it’s likely just to be a precaution x its based off protocol that you’ve been sent for a closer look, if you were just HPV positive with no abnormalities you wouldn’t be offered a colposcopy just yet usually you would have another smear in 12 months but because low grade abnormalities have been found they just want a closer look to double check x my first colposcopy in 2020 I was referred with borderline changes which is classed as less than low grade, aslong as any form of abnormalities have been found depending what strain you will have a colposcopy, they just like to be thorough :slight_smile: x

I got my appointment today.
May 10th.
Wow i only got ths results of the smear on Weds 20th April.

Excellent! The less waiting around the better - it’s so stressful.

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Yes i can’t complain about the speed.
Still wondering why so soon though, it says in the hospital letter you are invited for a colposcopy as you have one of these problems: abnormal cells, irregular bleeding or the nurse has noticed an irregularity.

Lost my sister to cancer 4 years ago, she was 46 so i am super anxious. X

Hi. Low grade dyskaryosis means it seems there have been low grade changes to your cells (ie in other words abnormal cells) which is why you have been referred for colposcopy, where they will be able to see more clearly what the situation is. I have had the same and had a colposcopy (they also took a biopsy at the time which I am awaiting results on) It was absolutely fine as procedures go and reassuring to know they are looking carefully and comprehensively at the situation. All the very best. X


Thank you and all the best for your results too.
Just a bit shocked, i was told i had the all clear and now i havr this dyskaryosis.
Last smear showed hpv but no dyskaryosis so now another problem. X

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Hey Daisy

I know exactly how you feel with having a result like that but i promise you you will be fine,
I had my first ever smear nearly 4 years ago now … and i had Severe Dyskaryosis … which i was sent for a colscopy (i cant spell it haha) which they do to make sure your smear was accurate which in my case it was, and was referred to have a LLETZ loop treatment and a biopsy, it was very stressful as i was not expecting it but at my last smeae after my treatment etc i was negative for HPV and was all clear of abnormalities and was back to 3 year smears … which i had 2 weeks ago and waiting for results.

The wait is what makes it all so stressful, but honestly youre fine lovely its good that they have got you a quick appointment xx

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Thank you for the upbeat reply, i am thrilled you came out of it with good news, i am still a bit worried they got me in so fast so i am assuming the worse!
Do you think i will be watched for the rest of my life now? I mean what happens afterwards? I normally have smears 5 yearly now it has been 1 yearly, i find them so painful. Xx

The word Dyskaryosis isn’t very nice is it. Basically it means abnormal cells. Which are totally treatable and means there is no ticking time bomb because you’ve got yourself checked and the abnormality is totally treatable. If left uncheck though it could potentially turn into a ticking time bomb, although cervical issues are very slow progressing. Its a well done you, for looking after yourself and getting checked. Colposcopy will have a much closer look and talk you through what, if anything needs to be done. I hope all goes well and just check out Jo’s website for information as its the bible for all things cervical. xx

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Yes i am really happy they got me in so quickly infact i feel they are so on the ball with this.

Been reading a few articles on here and i wish i hadn’t, someone was sent in for cin 1 and it was a lot worse than she could have imagined so the intial smear was mild compared to the news she got.
No more reading for me, i will wait have the test then go from there. X

Oh dear! Yes everyone has a story, good and bad. Just remember every ‘body’ is unique so what happens to one person is highly unlikely to happen to another. Putting it to one side knowing that you will get it sorted soon is a good idea. All the best. x

Hey lovely

Sorry i just see your reply, i totally understand what you mean, its good theyre getting you in quick, and the colscopy is to just see how much of the area has the abnormal cells … i agree the word ‘dyskaryosis’ is not a nice word always sounds so evil haha but it really isnt getting it treated now is the best thing … i read if left it would take between 10 - 15 years for it to even develop into anything malicious so you’ll be fine for sure hun :slight_smile:

Definitely dont look at other peoples stories i do find most people share bad news than the actual good news, you see the bad but never really see the outcome, and dr google can be the worst sometimes too i try and avoid looking up anything as much as i can lol! Xx

Yes i know.
Read stories on here and imagining the worse.
Thank you. X

Dear Daisy

I know exactly what you’ve been going through. I went to my GP for a smear test - I’m 62 - and was shocked to be referred for a colposcopy, after zero history of issues. It took 2 months between receiving a letter from the screening service saying I had low grade dyskaryosis to my procedure date.

Many people on this website are more familiar with all the technical terminology that is banded about. However for the uninitiated, it puts the fear of God into you. I fully understand the pressures that the NHS are now under and, whilst I have had sensitive treatment both from my GP and the colposcopy team, the next steps in terms of treatment were not clearly signposted.

Having had no feedback for 2-3 weeks, I approached the “wrong” local hospital, who told me they had no records of my case. Checking with my GP, I then approached the colposcopy department of the “right” local hospital, only to be told they also had no records of my case. I then sent a letter of complaint to their patient advice and liaison (PALS) service and magically I received a date for a colposcopy appointment within 3 days.

I had the procedure earlier this week - for me, it was a painful process. Thankfully no biopsies were required - my issues seem to be related to vaginal atrophy which produced a ‘false flag’ on my smear test.

Wishing you all the best for the 10th May. Just to let you know that you are not alone in feeling anxious ahead of the testing. “Dr. Google” tends to amplify your fears and it is difficult to get ‘matter of fact’ advice. This forum is very helpful, but can we please as a group lobby for clearer patient communications in laywoman’s terms and not allow the professionals to hide behind medical terminology which only serves to confuse/create greater anxiety.