Dull Pain / Twingey Back Ache

Hello everyone...... Ever since I have been diagnosed I have noticed that I am getting a few dull aches in the ovary area - is this due to them messing about up there a couple of weeks ago, or would it be because my cervix is bulky that it presses on them camusing them to ache a little..... Alshobbit of lower pack ache but nothing out the ordinary as I sit down for most of the day and can slouch .... I think every ache & pain I'm now thinking it has spread ..... Is ths normal to feel bit of an ache here & there ?

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Hey Sam, you could still have some aches and pains from the biopsy sites. I was sore for a while and the consultant said they 'took a good chunk x 3'. For me it took longer to heal from that than it did the LLETZ. Xx

Ah yes I spose Hun .... I thought I'd be fully healed now, but I guess you're right ... I'm just getting a bit paranoid - even though I'm remaining positive, occasionally Mr paranoia leaps on my shoulder ....


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thats normal to think like that.i still do it now. every time i get an ache you think its back.ive got trace of blood in my water and had to have more tests (more poking and prodding) every things came back fine but my gp as said the blood has got to be coming from somewhere and to go back in six months so i no where your coming from.i don't think you ever stop worrying. but i can see your still being positive.i think that it Will be the healing process.good luck on the 21st xxx

hi im like u since been told got loads of pain in bottom of back and im worrying its spreadxxxxxxx


Thanks m'lovliesx ...I know the mind is a wonderful thing & can play tricks ... I have had quite a chilled weekend & have been surrounded my my good friends & gorgeous family, and not really felt anything, so maybe my mind is playing tricks on me !!!! Roll on Thursday, when hopefully I get to know my appointment with my consultant - just want to know what the plan of attack will be, and get on with it ..... Come on girlies - WE CAN BEAT THIS !!!!!!!!!!

Love, hugs & positive thoughts x x x x