Due to start chemo/rad 8/11...eek!

Hi Ladies,


well the day has almost arrived....tomorrow I start treatment.  Am in close contact with another wonderful lady through this site who started earlier this week and all seems well so thats keeping me positive in the main.  However, today I have woken up in a strange mood which has taken me by surprise.  Am reflective I suppose - thinking this is the last day of my old life and things will start to change and I will adjust to the new normal.  Am so determined that I wont let this affect my spirit and personality, despite the physical changes this could bring.  Just wanted to write this down and get it off my chest as dont want those closest to me to see I'm having a slight "wobble".  Anyway, looking at it positively, 8/11 is the day I regain control and start the fight.

Wishing all the ladies going through similar well - I am now joining you and hope I cope with this as well as you all seemed to have been doing and also hope to be able to share my experiences as you have shared with me, to go some way to helping any newly diagnosed ladies. 

On a more technical issue - I seem to be having trouble subscribing to posts so apologies if I have not responded to others lately.  Does anyone know how I can do this so I don't miss anything?Embarassed


thanks for reading


You’re allowed a wobble Andrea, showing a brave face to the world is exhausting and this is scary scary stuff. There’s a whole other thread to write to explore why we feel we have to protect our loved ones …

Anyway, you’ve been so generous and supportive to other women on here, take a bit of support from us. You can do this and I am certain that your inner strength and positivity will help you through.

You are right - tomorrow is the day that starts the next phase of your journey; I wish you courage and the very best of British luck xxx

Hi Andrea - me again. You might like my message 'Ki Kaha' at this point - I had you in mind when I re-posted it. Kiss x

Thanks Rosehip - just replied on your Ki Kaha post Wink

Thinking of you Andrea xx

Ki Kaha :P lol

Kath xx

Thanks Kath......Smile

good luck andreac im sure you will be fine, just look forward to xmas when i am sure it will all be over, rest when your tired, dont put it off till later, your the most important person to you right now.


Good luck for today i start mon 19th so will be a week or so behind you x x

Thankyou all for all your kind messages.

Katie I have taken all your advice on board as per your pm and so am confident I am reducing chances of any longer term complications from treatment. I know I’m only 2 days in but I know I can do this. Nausea has been rearing its ugly head but am taking meds and will ontinue to knowing that it makes it manageable. My boys are off to their cousins in west yorkshire this evening till sunday so I get to have a lie in and take it easy over the weekend and it gives me a good opportunity to see what reactions I have and learn to deal with them in the future to protect the boys as much as poss (they are only 7 & 4). They know I am poorly and up to hospital everyday…when I collected my 4 year old from school he ran to me with a “get well mummy” which he toiled over this morning - well the tears were welling!!! then later he tod me he was foing to be a doctor when he grows up as he likes to stroke people to make them better (he gets into bed with us in the morning and just stokes my arm and back - will miss that this weekend but not the early wake up call lol!).

So many positive ways to come through this from fab family, friends and wonderful ladies like you…funny how strangers can feel like your best friend at a time like this

Thankyou all and hope you all have a lovely weekend


see 2 days gone already!! i kept a diary whilst i went through treatment, best thing i did. you can read back your notes and think wow that was last week its gone time is flying by. i read my diary occasionally just to make me feel proud of what i went through, and give myself strength in the kowledge that i am capable of anything.
keep battling

I am in the third week of my radiotherapy /chemo and am feeling physically better than I expected. It is a relief to get started as it now means the fight is on and we’re heading in the right direction. Wishing you lots of luck xx

Well done, good luck & keep fighting girls! You’re inspirational.