Due to have second Lletz after biopsy showed 1a1...any advice or personal experiences welcomed (children mentioned)

Hi, I had a few on going symptoms and my doctor referred me to the hosp for possible endometriosis, she did a smear test before I got an appointment and it all went down hill from there,I got the results of the smear-high grade abnormalities , I was called in for colposcopy the following week-CIN2 seen on colposcopy 1st Lletz procedure and biopsy taken,biopsy results came in ,called to hosp diagnosed with cervical cancer 1a1. But now I have been booked in to have an op 13/09/16, pre op assessment this week said I will be having hysterescopy ,laparoscopy and second Lletz and biopsy under GA . Anyone else had this? I am so scared because I am in so much pain I am just hoping the pain is endometriosis in the end, as weird as that sounds, I just want it to be over with I'm so nervous about that 2nd biopsy results and why they are doing so much keyhole?! I'm only 26 I only had a smear offered to me because of illness and I have 2 beautiful children but I am not finished making a family or ready to leave them behind at all! I've turnt into a nervous wreck and I guess I just need someone to tell me if they had the same and what happens, will I know straight after the op the outcome?

Hiya! :-)

Sorry you are having such a scary time just now but glad you are here to tell us about it. I have to say that I can't really be much help because I was staged as 2b and had a hysterectomy, but then I'm over twice your age :-) Try not to worry yourself too much, this is a really curable cancer and you are going to be around to watch your kids grow up and provide you with grandchildren so don't worry about that. I hope you don't have to lose your fertility in the process but if you do, at least it's not before you have already made a little family.

Be lucky :-)

Hi hon

im sorry to hear that you are in pain Hopefully some of it is just caused by your anxiety.  I am also sorry that your first lletz showed some cancer. I am sure that the dr is now just checking everything out by the procedures you have mentioned. You will need clear margines which is why the second leetz, it also sounds like he is checking everything else out at the same time to rule out any other possibilities. i think your dr is doing a great job to check everything out so you can know exactly what's going on. Try to rest as much as you can and distract your self with a good book or some great movies. I hope everything will work out for you. 

I had 1a1 found from a lletz and biopsy. Had clear smears up to that and every 3 years. Just had to have another lletz which showed no more trace of cin or cc. Clears smears since x

Thanks everyone for your storys,I have bad days and good days I'm like a rollercoaster of emotion at the moment and I guess I just want to know the real cause of pain.

can someone explain the unclear/clear margins to me? And also if anyone has had the keyholes and 2nd Lletz how long I'm looking at for recovery? X

Hi Beth, my story is very similar. Except I'm 28 and haven't yet started my family. My first lletz diagnosed cc at what they think is 1a1 and I have just had my second lletz and hysterescopy under GA last week. All is fine with me in terms of recovery. I had a few stomach cramps and I am now getting the discharge etc but I was back at work after 1 day at home!

I am now just waiting for results from this and just fingers crossed they have got it all!

Kay xx