Due my next smear

So last year I tested positive for hrHPV with no abnormal cells, it’s been an emotional rocky year, and anxiety has got the better of me.
I’m now due my yearly smear test next Thursday (27-07-23) at 3:30 I’m so anxious about having it done and waiting around for the results again. I’m scared it’s going to come back worse…I have never been this scared In my life

Hi I wanted to post and reply cos I totoslt get your anxiety like you last august I tested hpv positive but no abnormal cells and wow I freaked out but then did research and wasn’t as bad as I thaught but dreaded this next yearly smear . But I had it 2 weeks ago got my results back last week and now hpv negative (they don’t check for abnormal cells of hpv negative ) so gots now go back in 3 years so all that worrying for nothing . I did take vitamins litersly every day for the past year and did a lot of excercise and stopped smoking that’s all so weather it helped or not I don’t no . So trust me your be fine and don’t worry yourself even if you are still hpv possitive you are being monitored so that should make u feel so much more at ease ypur will be fine xx


@Dawn1985 Thank you so much taking the time to message me I really appreciate it I’m really sorry for the late reply I’m been so busy working that I haven’t managed to find the time to reply back.

I’m so happy for you that you are now HPV negative that is great news :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

At the moment I’m at work but my smear is today at 3:30 but I just can’t seem to shift this anxiety. Im very nervous having the smear done but I’m so scared having to wait for the results to come through the post. The worry is just crazy…I’m normally such a positive thinker but this being diagnosed with HPV I can’t help but think negative about everything xx

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I totally understand the waiting the anxiety every time the post would come unwound feel sick just not knowing if there was now gona be abnormal cells or if it would just still be hpv possitive and then wait I another year basically it’s the waiting it’s horrible. I’m sure you will be absolutely fine I had it on my head as I’ve been married for 7 years that I would have this hpv for a long while but now it’s negative but then who’s to say it won’t flare up again and waiting 3 years now ide actually prefer every year lol least u feel ur being monitored more… I’m ranting listen ypur smear will go fine let us not how it goes always give us a private message if you want :slight_smile: and the results I had mine through in 7 days so hopefully your waiting won’t be to bad … the results will be absolutely fine :slight_smile:

@Dawn1985 @Roses92 so I got my results back from my recent smear test, and I’m still HPV positive with no abnormal cells again. So back to having to wait another year to have my next smear done July 2024. Not sure how I feel about this, the waiting for another year just sets my anxiety off again xx

Hey thanks. For keeping us updated
Sorry to hear you’re still testing positive but think of it this way the virus clearly isn’t causing you any problems at the moment and that’s a good thing. Ideally of course you want that negative result fingers crossed next year all gone …
I know the anxiety is awful and the waiting ect and just wanting it gone just try and uo your immune system … vitamins ect and try your best to not stress and worry over this I know it’s so easy for me to say but that won’t help… your result could have been a lot worse hun honestly chin up think possituve x

@Dawn1985 Thank you I shall try. I generally suffer with anxiety daily so I really do find it hard to switch off and just relax, but I really do try my hardest… really trying to stay positive, and hoping next year will come back as a negative… So what happens if it comes back with another positive next year ? Xx

Ps: thank you for taking the time to message back really means alot and I really appreciate it xx

I suffer with anxiety aswell most days are a struggle to be fare normally health anxiety which is crazy .
I do get it and I know just switching off isn’t an option for some people :(.
I realy hope it comes back negative next year all you can do like I said is try and boost yourself with vitamins ect I would say diet, excercise ect but to be honest all I did was up my vitamins … if it comes back. Positive next year with or without abnormal cells you will be referd for colposcopy just to double check everything is all good and they are not misssibg anything and then go from there… like I said before sometimes as rubbish and how much of a worry it is it’s not all bad you are being closely monitored which in a way I wish I still was and not just sent away for 3 years again … try and just tell urself it’s all good u have no abnormal cells for some reasen the virus is just sticking around but not causing you no harm it will go I promise xx
And ps your more than welcome I totally get it I was just like you up until 2 weeks ago so I can imagine what and how u are feeling x

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Hi dawn and charmine seen your post about hpv positive. I recently had mine back in june, hpv
Positive and normal cell result. Waiting till next april for repeat smear. Can i ask dawn which particular vitamins did you take? Ive startex taking ahcc supplements as ive read theyre good to boost immune system too.
Thanks x

Hi sorry I’ve not been online in a while
I was taking every vitamin I could for the past year lol just multivitamins aswell as shitake ones I think 7 pound from holland and barrat I did invest and take ahcc but at £100 a time after 3!months worth I could afford it no more I know you can’t put a price on health but I couldn’t . B12 and b6 I read a lot about aswell so I switched it up but took something every day for a year and still do . Weather that even helped I guess it’s something I just don’t no but it’s all worth it . I’m sure next year it will be negative fingers crossed xxx