Due for my next smear test

I had my first smear test September 2014 (age 24). I had abnormal results and had to go for a colposcopy in November 2014 and then in april 2015 I had to have another colposcopy as I had abnormal results in November. The colposcopy I had In april 2015 was clear but i felt that it wasn't done properly as I was in and out the hospital room in 5 mins (I was the last person to have been seen that day in the morning and they were running over 45 mins late). I think I'm due another smear this year but I'm not sure. Is it every 3 years from your first smear test at the doctors or every 3 years since your last hospital appointment? So if it was from 2014 i would be due to have one this year or from hospital appointment (2015) it would be next year.


i had a lletz treatment in January 2014 and my 6 month follow up in the June. the letter I received stated 3  years from my follow up so I will be due in june this year. Can't say I'm looking forward to it :-( so I would think yours will be next year. Although if you weren't happy with the last might your doctors let you go back earlier if you ask? 

hope that helps x