dublin /november

hi all
well i was in twickenham this wk end in memory ov marion i meet dee n shelly for a meal n a drink and i said i felt i was becoming a little distant from jos and felt quite depressed about the change weather its part of the journey or not ive soon to find out but it really did sadden me we couldnt of all got together and toasted to marion but hey im not gunna keep goin on … so ive decided id love to go back to dublin to see joan …sinead etc etc and have a real blast with the ones who we dont or cant nip round in a car or train to see as much im not gunna keep goin on about it either just this one post lol x so friday 14th november for the weekend if interested plz let me no so far me …michelle …kerry rebecca …dee …shelly claire …fi maybe i no joan n sinead would shorly be up for meetin up ive been lookin at hotels any one with any ideas of close to centre i would be happy for ur in put lots of love debi x :smiley:

6 of us so far x

i would love to come - depends on finances however! but yes in theory x :stuck_out_tongue:

you forgot about me!!! :frowning: x

lol kaz how could i forget about you ???

does that mean your comin to dublin ? i better get lookin for some where for us to stay local to the centre good for me xxx wot you sayin i will t x u xx debi x

I’d love to come but I start my job in september and may have to work weekends so can’t commit unfortunately!

Z x

Hi Deb,

Heard on the grapevine that our lets meet this year is likely to be in Edinburgh on Nov 26th??? Why dont we all meet up there.


ooooh edinburgh how cool ! xx

yeah i agree we should join the two events…i cant do both so Deb if its ok with you lets do scotland lol…mwah x

im not shore we have looked in to dublin and theres 6 of us not jos trust users so im not shore yet ive not heard anything about scotland and would love to go but wont be goin at short notice november not really that far away so if thats the case then i think we should all no about it as soon as who ever arranging it no,s ? and after twickenham is it goin to be worth it ? love debi .

Pamela told me that Lets Meet was going to be in Edinburgh this year and she gave me the date so I am pretty certain that this will happen.


hi all

dublin is now cancelled hope to see u all in scotland xxxxx

oh cant wait, will start checking out flights etc soon does anyone know the address of the meet?, so we can look at hotels nearby!! I know it seems a long way off but it will soon be here.

love n hugz kaz xx :wink:


I have emailed Pamela and asked her to get some details on asap. Its defo meant to be in Edinburgh and the date I said but not sure where.

There is a cheap holiday inn express or travel inn in the centre of Edinburgh that is cheap and is close to everywhere.

We will need to book this asap.


wooo owhhoooo!

yes i need to book flights etc etc ! how exciting! xx