Dryness down below while on HRT?

Hi ladies! I was just wondering if anyone here has experienced vaginal dryness due to menopause despite being on HRT?

I'm 6 months post-op (radical hysterectomy after 1b1 CC diagnosis) and have been on HRT patches (Evorel) since day 2 post op, they seem to be keeping my symptoms under control after a slight tweak of dosage, and all was going well until the dryness started a few days ago making things a little itchy/uncomfortable!

I spent a day stressing myself out thinking it was CC recurrence down there but I've since tried some gels etc and have just discovered replens which seems to be working!

Going to call docs this week to discuss and see if I can get it on prescription, but wondering whether I will need to up the HRT or stick with current dose but accept the fact that I'm going to nees to use a gel/cream regularly.

I'm sure my doc will be able to advise but was just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? Tia ☺

Hi Hun,

So glad you posted this!!! I too have been itchy "down there".  I've recently changed my HRT - from Premarin tablets to Evorel patched - and TBH I dont think they are effective.  I've only been on the patches for 4 weeks - but my hot flushes are back (with a vengance) - and my mood seems to have dipped a lot too.  I'm just sick of not feeling "right" and wish I could get back to the way I was before.  Doctor says to give it another 3 weeks on these ptaches - but I dont think I can least another 3 weeks!

I use vaginal moisturiser to help with the dryness down below you use it 3 times a week helps a lot 

Late to the party. My vagina is as dry as cotton. No change since being on HRT patch. Vaginal suppositories/moisturizers are my new best friend and a difference they make!!