Dryness after trachelectomy

Hi eeveryone

so i had a trach in 2010  and I have found it takes a lot longer to get erm 'excited' shall we say. Sorry it's a bit of a gross topic but I wondered if anyone else suffers with a bit of vaginal dryness during sex? Or has this become a psychological thing for me now?!

any advice welcome! :) 


I didn't have a trach, but I think it might be a bit psychological and also partly due to the mucus glands in the cervix being removed.

It's natural to be a bit "off" sex when you've had a procedure "down there" especially for such a frightening disease.  Plus there is a link between sex and cervical cancer, which can make some women feel a bit uneasy.

There are some very good lubricants on the market and I think you can even get some on prescription.

Maybe something like a romantic weekend away would helpCool.

Big Hugs