Dryness after LLETZ


I had a LLETZ procedure back in summer, after CIN3 changes, in quite an extensive part of my cervix. Recovery was fine and it´s healed now (still waiting for the test of cure though).

The issue is that since then, I´ve experience vaginal dryness/ irritation… this is becoming annoying as sex can be painful at times. I´m young and generally healthy, no hormonal issues I know of, so I´m wondering whether this may be related to LLETZ?? Anyone else experiencing something similar?

Thank you, take care x

I experienced similar initially, but it’s coming up to 9 months since my last lletz (I had two in fairly close succession) and no longer having issues.

I did speak with my Macmillan nurse about it who said it’s fairly common and recommended lubricants and creams.

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