Dry eyes

Hello all, I had a radical hysterectomy last September but kept my ovaries. For the last six months or so I've been suffering with constantly watery eyes (which ironically means my eyes are too dry), and I was told by my optician yesterday that it's most likely hormonal which means it must be related to the operation. Has this happened to anyone else? It's really getting me down because there's constantly water pouring from my eyes and nothing seems to help. I'm panicking that this means I'm going into early menopause... how likely is this? I'm exhausted ALL THE TIME but haven't got any other symptoms (I don't think). 


i think it would be best to bring the info that the optician gave you to your GP get his opinion and then see what if anything can be done. It might be something as simple as going on a low dose birth control pill to level out your hormones or even may be more benificial in your life quality to be on hormone patches.  These things need to be sorted out. Do not keep suffering with issues if they effect you day to day life and make things difficult. 

Sometimes the road ahead may be hard and have lots of bends ahead but keep moving forward. 

Good luck.