Driving Home - post Lettz


I am new on here.  I have my Lettz booked for 12th August at 9.40

I am attending the appointment on my own and planned to drive myself, 

those that have had LETTZ.....how did you feel physically after your procedure?  will I be ok to drive or should I book a cab?

Also, what is the average recovery time to take off work as I am pretty hectic at the moment

 I realise that everyone is different but if I dont get an infection do I just take 1 day for procedure?

Also I am in my forties, is it unsual to have this at an older age and does that make my cells more aggressive due to my age?

I have al lot of questions running through my head and some of them are not rational...I have tried to keep things

in perspective on this post!!




Jun 15 /  Smear Test  Abnormal High grade & HPV +

Jul 15 /  Colposcopy & Punch Biopsy =  results CIN3

Aug 15 / LETTZ procedure



Hi Sadie

Personally even though I had a good experience of Lletz I wouldn't drive as you can feel a bit wobbly afterwards due to the local they give you.  I felt fine but was glad I had my husband on hand to drive me home.  I took two days off work but to be honest could have gone back the day after treatment, but as you say everyone is different.  Be kind to yourself and give yourself a rest and a chance to heal.

I am 43 and had clear smears up until this year and was also worried about why I suddenly had CIN3 - to be honest I don't have an answer for you, the hospital just said that HPV can rear its ugly head at any time as its like a cold virus or cold sores, so I don't think it necessarily means much in terms of age really.

I do sympathise as being in this process has been one of the most stressful things I have ever had to face, but you will see from my results below that the outcome so far for me has been OK and I just need to be checked in 6 months time when I hope there will be no recurrance.  Try not to worry or Google too much as it doesn't help - stick to this Forum to ask questions etc.

Good luck for your Lletz


Hi Kay,

thanks for sharing...I will book a cab both ways! 

I will see how I go with time off, my boss is understanding so I am fortunate in that respect.

Its so hard not to google.....I think a good movie and a giggle is in order for the next few nights until my appt.

I hope your next check up is completely clear so can put it all behind you.

thanks for your advice





Hi Sadie, I had my first Lletz this afternoon and still a bit wobbly. I got my mum to come with me and drive, I would recommend getting a cab if you can.

If you have any questions or anything please feel free to drop me a message. I know I was really worried and had lots of questions before hand.

Sarah x

Hi Sadie, I did feel exceptionally fatigued after my LLETZ, which would have been fine if a had a job that allowed me to sit down alot, but I have to stand for 8 hours a day working at a fast pace.  I took 2 days off after the procedure, then had the weekend as well, but when I went back to work the next week I really struggled.  After another weekend I went back to work again yesterday & finally found I was feeling pretty much back to normal again.  I think it may depend alot on how physically active your job is.  Good luck & take good care of yourself *hug*


I drove home after my LLETZ and was fine, it was however partly due to the fact that I thought I was just going for a Colposcopy! I took the rest of the afternoon off, but was back at work the following day.

Greta x

Hi ladies,

thanks for posting back.  My friend has offered (demanded) she take me, so I will grab a lift & we will probably have really nice coffee & cake after,  unless I get any bad news then it will be bottles of wine, cake & cab home for both of us!!! I am getting very nervous now, it just so surreal & I have always gone for my smear tests.  I am scared of what might be lurking in the corners of my cervix, I accept any discomfort (not really processed thought of pain).

i guess all I can do now is turn up for my appointment & keep everything crossed (except my legs of course)!

thanks again 





Good luck Sadie :) glad you've got a supportive friend coming with you. I found colposcopy worse than lletz if that helps at all. I remember lletz being over very quickly and thinking well that wasn't so bad! All the best and let us know how you get on xxx