Driving during treatment

Hi all,

Just looking for some advice on driving during chemo rads. I've just got my timetable for treatment and have 5 weeks starting at the end of the month.  

I'm trying to create a rota of when I'll need help and hadn't really factored the drive in... I just assumed I'd drive myself but friends and family seem to be questioning this decision. Am I being unrealistic? 

Thanks in advance

G x


I had someone to take me to chemo because it was a all day thing and i had someone to talk to. On Tuesday thru friday for radiation i drove myself but my drive was only 15 mins each way and about 10 minutes in radiation.  So i dont think u r being unrealistic. I wish u good luck and i will keep u in my prayers.:-)

Hi there,

i drove myself everyday except for the brachy. I had a 45-55 minute drive each way. I actually enjoyed the ride as I was able to listen to music and just enjoy. Even chemodays I went by myself as I didn't want to have to entertain anyone and I watched movies and such. Mind you there are so many nice people I met so most days I ended up chit chatting the day away. Everyone is different but you should be able to drive yourself. 

The first two weeks was very easy, when the diarrhea kicked in the beginning of the third week so I did have to watch what I ate before my drive as I didn't want to have to go as my route didn't have any places to use the bathroom. 

Again, everyone is different but this is a very manageable treatment. 

Good luck

Hey there

I have driven myself everyday for treatment 45/60 mins each way dependin on traffic even on chemo days, the nurses have raised a few eyebrows when I have said that's wot I'm doing,. But only u know ur body an if u r capable of it, I use the time to catch up with my cancer cheerleaders (my besties) an we talk crap an I love that normality of my day, an if I'm having a bad day I use it to cry (yesterday)  an get those emotions out without upsetting my hubby or friend's. 

Hope that helps, good luck 


As always you lovely ladies have made me feel much better!

I do feel like my chemo days will be so much easier if it's just me and a book rather than having to entertain as you've said Lolli. I'm glad that's normal. 

And calling friends on the way home is a great idea Dawn - I think I'll definitely do this (plus it's an excuse to borrow hubbies nice car as it has blue tooth :))


When I go for chemo the ladies in The room always seem to be on their own where as the men always have a wife or daughter with them, it makes me giggle that the women are using the time to recharge themselves but the men have their guests to entertain an don't seem as relaxed as the rest lol, get Netflix an download a couple of films it will fly by 


Dawn x

Hi there! I'm going to go against the current tide a little and say I'd plan on getting some help occassionaly. My hospital is different in that we aren't to have company in chemo ward but they do advise someone drives you on those days. So I'll be driven in and out on those days even though it's a pest for husband as we're about 40 mins away too in good traffic. I plan to drive myself as much as possible on radiotherapy days but also have been told by my nurses that this may be too much towards the end of the plan. However these days are better for a driver anyway as they are shorter. 

so you do whatever is best for you but I'm basically saying don't worry about setting it all in stone just right now and be aware that your feelings could change throughout this. 

Im just starting mine this week and already someone made me feel less than as chatting in waiting area and she was talking about how someone she knew worked through it all. Made me feel rubbish until I remembered I'm two surgeries down and heading into this. It's so hard to not feel like you've got to be superwoman. But all we need to do is get through this bit as well as we can. 

you know yourself best so do what's best for you and try and not compare. and if you are superwoman take it easy on  the rest of us who are just trying to get through ;-) good luck!l 

Hi. I drove mysfor there and back daily. I had a back up plan for chemo days but never needed it x