Driving after a Hysterectomy

Hi All,

 may sound crazy in the grand scheme of things but how soon can you drive after a radical hysterectomy


I had a radical hysterectomy and i was told i could drive 3 weeks after. But i was scared and waited until 4 weeks. U might wamt to call your doctor to make sure. Good luck and pray all goes well:-)


I had a radical hysterectomy and was driving 2 weeks later...but only short distances and was extra cautious!! I had the school run so wanted to get back to it as quickly as poss so not to have to rely on other people!! I'd check with oncologist see what they recommend tho!!good luck with op xx

Thanks Ladies I will make sure I ask at appointment tomorrow. I'm not the most patient of patients so being confined to the house and doing nothing is gunna drive me bonkers! I'm normally so active and run/swim every day. But, health comes first so I will have to force myself to do nothing. 


I didn't have a hysterectomy but have a trachelectomy via abdominal incision and was told I could drive after 4-6 weeks and that I should be able to do an emergency stop safely and pain free x 

Four weeks here, but just to say if it's school run and its little ones you really shouldn't be lifting them until week 6. Super tough but super important ! I'm just on week seven here and it was tough. I lifted mine at week five but had the pains for it and probably wasn't smart! So do as I say not what I did - ha x 

good luck, it's boring but it will pass. 

Ooh and make sure your insurance is ok with it too...

Thanks ladies, got no little ones to lift in and out - its mainly for my indepenance!  I'm normally so active - doing nothing will drive me insane - but I know its part of the healing process xxx  had my meeting with consultant yesterday and I have to have a radical hysterectomy with lymph nodes removed.  he mentioned nothing about Chemo/Radio is this normal?  Still waiting on date for op - as he wants me in within 2 weeks and the earliest they had showing on the system was 8th June.  Hopefully they will call today.