Dried Blood After Colposcopy

Hi guys,

I had a coloscopy 4 weeks ago, they found no cancerous cells .. which was a bonus .. after 2.5 weeks from having the colpo, me and my bf tried having sex.. it didn't hurt but there was bright red blood .. so I put it down to not healing enough. We waited a further 1.5 weeks and tried again .. again there was blood .. this time a tiny bit darker .. another week passed and we didn't have sex but I was in the bath and thought I'd penetrate myself to see if any blood would come out as in 4 days I'd like to have sex with my bf .. none came out but 30 minutes later I felt liquid coming down so I wiped and there was a dark brown colour on the wipe .. I then wiped again but put the wipe inside me to see and again a little less dark brown substance.. I wiped a third time and nothing .. 30 minutes later I went for a wee and wiped and nothing.. I think it could be just dried blood that needed to leave my body but I am unsure .. I'm gunna call the doctors for Wednesday but just thought I'd post on here to see if anyone else had a similar experience.