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hi all


on 29th october i had my 4th smear i am 33, results came back on the 8th nov saying high grade abnormality, then my appointment for my colposcopy came through for the 3rd of december, whe i rang the hosp to say this seemed a long time to wait she said i have to be seen withing 4 weeks and that the 5th would be when the 4 weeks are up. i managed to get them to change the appt but only by 1 day ( tomoz).

i came off the contraceptive pill after 17 years in january and we are trying for a baby at the moment, my menstrual cycle still isnt great but on average are between 24 to 32 days. i realised that tomoz will be day 26 and rang them and said that i would be due on my period. they said ring on the day if you have come on...this is really getting to me now. i ahve had period pains for 3 days and i am just begging that i dont start tonight as i so need this appt tomoz for my own sanity if nothing else. my boyfriend doesnt understand why i am fretting but it feels like i have been waiting for ages and i am so scared....i need to stop reading stuff on net but i am so worried that it has taken so long to be seen



I completely understand why you're worried. Most other people told me i'd 'be fine' constantly. Think of it this way, if you do get your period the clinic will try and fit you in the week after as you've already been waiting the month. I'm sure they have to allow for more pressing appointments, so if it happens, it happens. My friend is currently waiting 3 months to get her LLETZ for high grade abnormalities. An extra week is worth it if it means you have less to deal with when you go for your appointment. *hugs* i hope they sort everything for you, and most of all, I hope you get it over with tomorrow so you can stop worrying x

hi, just returned from the hospital, turns out my smear was mid to high and wasnt conclusive, as it seems today hasnt been so biopsies were taken and just have to wait for results now, luckily i still havent come on my period, but sure it will be here soon enough. thank you for your comment, i am a little less worried now but it doesnt help that even looking today she said that there was something that looked like it was healing itself but another section that wasnt clear...fingers crossed all will be ok xx

Hi Nikki, well done getting through your colp at least that bit is done now! Just the wait for the results now but what will be will be. Got all my fingers crossed for you that your result come back normal and you don't have to wait too long! X