Dreading results

Hi everyone, 

I went for my routine smear in Dec 2020, up until this point, no abnormal cells had been found.

The results came back stating HPV and low grade dyskarosis. I attended my Colposcopy on Sat 6th Feb and upon further inspection, the Colponocopist stated she thought it was high grade because it covered a large area. She also took a biopsy. She said we will see if its CIN 1 or CIN 2 however I was in such shock at that point I didnt hear anything else and was given a leaflet about treatment of the cervix and not much else. She also explained that she sees patients with HGD come back after 6 months with significant changes for the better but I am utterly terrified of my results. It will be exactly 2 weeks tomorrow. I have a friend who also had the same thing and was taken in right away, CIN 3 was confirmed. I am not sure why the same didn't happen to me.


Are Colponoscopists often wrong? My period is also 5/6 days late and I don't know if it's down to stress. It;s highly unlikely I am pregnant although it can't be ruled out for me.




sorry to hear you are worried ! 

My smear showed up as high grade moderate , I only had a colposcopy and biopsy - no treatment . I was excpecting treatment on the day as I know this is quite common but before I even had the colposcopy I was told that there would be no treatment on the day , I would be contacted once the biopsy results were back . She told me it "looked good / looks ok " . 

Anyway - I have since googled and pulled up government guidelines for smear tests etc ( yes , I'm very paranoid ! ) and from what I've read in regards to on the day treatment and removing cells , that it's recommended if it can be seen that a larger area is covered or that they can see they are high grade . If a lower grade is suspected or only a smaller area is covered they recommend to just do the biopsy - to ensure women don't undergo treatment they don't need . Also - a biopsy is done as standard for any woman who has been refereed due to a high grade result on a smear. 

A few friends have had treatment on the day due to having CIN3 - they were all told they could see it was CIN3.


Thetrfore , that combined with comments I've had from other ladies on here ( that the doctors see a lot of cervixes and to decide yours didn't need urgent treatment is good / it clearly wasn't as obvious to need treatment on the day ) I would take it as a good sign that they didn't treat you on the day . Mine is moderate and I believe that is the same as CIN2 and I was told in 70% of women with that it clears up alone but I would be invited to discuss treatment once results are in and would have the choice to leave it or have treatment . So even though yours 'may' be CIN2 instead of CIN1 it's still not as urgent as CIN3 . 

Hope this helps xx 

Hi there, thanks so much for all of the above, I appreciate you taking the time to reply and tell me what you know. It's all very new to me and I really have been so anxious. I am hoping I don't need to wait too much longer. I will be sure to let you know what the result is and hopefully you are feeling alright.

Thanks again


I had on the day treatment on Thursday after high grade severe on smear, but there was very obvious visible changes covering about three quarters of the surface. Trust that colposcopists look at cervixes all the time and know what their doing. 

Hi, thank you too for the comment.

I realise it may seem a bit silly but the stress of it has been overwhelming. I think perhaps I was (semi) relaxed about going in and when I was told it was worse than originally thought, panic set in. I hope you are feeling ok and that the treatment went well.