Dreading lletz

Lletz treatment booked for 9th August.
Keep reading all these posts about lletz - has anyone had a positive experience out there?
I am really not looking forward to this. I like to think I am quite hardcore but It’s just the unknown isn’t it. Really don’t know how my body is going to react to this!

Such a stressful and emotionally draining time. I’m trying to fit as much gym, swimming and baths in before the 9th.

Love and luck to all going through this Shiz- it sure ain’t a barrel of laughs!

8th June 16 - smear result- low-moderate dyskariosis

24th June 16- colposcopy and 2 punch biopsies

19th July 16- results CIN 1/2 lletz booked for 9th Aug!

I had Lletz treatment this morning and honestly it went a lot better than I thought it would.

The procedure as a whole is a lot like the colposcopy... I didn't feel the local anaesthetic being administrated- the only reason I knew the consultant had done it was because my heart raced for about 5 seconds, apparently that's the adrenaline.

The actually treatment was over very quickly, I didn't feel a thing, just a lot of pressure which made me feel like I needed a wee!

Almost 12 hours later I am yet to feel any cramps, pain, etc I've had a tiny amount of light brown watery 'bleeding' and generally I feel well. If I'm honest I was more uncomfortable after having a biposy during my colposcopy.


Obviously I'm only 12 hours into 'recovery' but I feel positive about the whole thing but I'll keep you updated :)

My best advice from my experience is to try to plan a good few days of rest and relaxation after, and a day or two off work if possible.  You might not need them but you will be glad of the pre-planning if you feel tired afterwards.  I was back to work the day after but I could have used a day to rest.  Hope this helps x

I had LLETZ today and it went so much better than I expected. I'd read and re-read the leaflets a hundred times over and really worked myself up!

I didn't really feel the local anaesthetic being injected; maybe a tiny tiiiiny pinch for the first one, but that was it! I did feel my heart racing and a little light headed at this point but I was assured this is completely normal - just make sure you keep talking to the staff and tell them if you have any concerns.

The actual treatment itself was no problem at all. The most uncomfortable part for me was inserting the speculum!

Genuinely don't worry! I found it a good distraction to keep chatting to the nurses during the procedure. And if you have any questions make sure you ask. My consultant was fab and talked me through the whole thing.

Good luck! X

Hey there - I've just been told I had moderate dyskaryosis and had a LLETZ 6 days ago. The LLETZ took place 2 weeks after my smear. I'm not sure if that was because they had space or whether I was urgent. I'm waiting for the results from that now. 

I didn't find the LLETZ itself all too bad. I'd made the mistake of watching how it's done before going and it looks much much worse than it feels. I didn't feel her injecting my cervix at all, the actual lletz just felt very warm. It was not painful. They cauterise the cut after and that for me was a tiny bit painful, but it was over in less than 30 seconds. It was just very hot and almost unbareable but not quite. The whole procedure was done in less than 10 minutes. I promise you it really isn't as bad as it sounds and the nurses were lovely too.

Try and take a friend with you if you can to just wait outside for you and drive you home, or get a Taxi. I wouldnt have wanted to drive after.

The anesthetic they inject has adrenaline in it and it made me shake a lot and when I came out I couldn't stop crying for 5-10 minutes after. I think I just became a bit overwhelmed by it all. I'm not great at being brave though! I cry if I trip over and scuff my knee (which is far worse than having a LLETZ done :) )

im 6 days in and haven't had any bleeding, just watery discharge. i needed a couple of days of work because I just felt so tired!

This site seems great for help and support so come and talk to us as and when! I'm sure you'll be fine! x