Dreadful pain after sex, is this normal?

Morning ladies  

At 12 weeks post Op my husband and I just had sex for the first time. I know we've probably left it longer than we should have but I think we were both a little nervous. Anyway,  it was fine at the time but within minutes I was in the most awful pain. Was bleeding, well more of a pinkish colour than blood red, which I was sort of expecting but I also had the worst pain that seemed to be coming from my bowels! Half an hour of sitting on the loo with diarrhoea and extreme nausea followed before I crawled back into bed with cramps ( again from the bowel/abdomen area) took some pain killers and fell asleep.  Just woke up and hour later and the pain has pretty much gone but i'm left feeling a little saddle sore to say the least. 

I'm sort of hoping that this normal so would love to hear if anyone else has had something similar. Safe to say my plans for going an a gentle bike ride today have been axed!! 

Greta xx


That sounds most odd and unpleasant! I'm only 3 weeks post op so nowhere near sec again yet. Could the d&v be coincidental do you think? I'm afraid I've no advice but didn't want to read and run. Maybe just try some simple foreplay and stimulation next time, see how that goes, but also maybe contact you cns x.