Dr changed mind, now wants to do LLETZ ?


Im worried as I have just recieved a letter from the consultant who did the colposcopy requesting I go for a LLETZ in October.


My Colposcopy was 2 months ago now and I had a letter 3 weeks ago saying that they were happy no treatment was needed and they would review in 6 months time


I am concerned as to why they would change their minds - the letter gives no indication. I am also concerned that if treatment is needed is waiting 3 months for it normal ? Seems an awfully long time ? I cant phone until monday to ask them any questions and I know all I am going to do now is worry about it till monday morning


Help ?

It's hard to speculate on that, I had a lletz after inconclusive biopsies at colposcopy but for most people a lletz is just remove abnormal cells that have not yet developed into cancer. I wouldn't get too worked up although I know that's easier said than done. they aren't very good at communicating that's for sure, you get no reason behind their decision making half the time. Charlene xx