Down the rabbit hole

Last year I was diagnosed with CIN2 on colposcopy and then treated by LEEP.  The Leep result confirmed CIN2 and the surgeon was pleased with the results indicating no CIN was found on edges of specimen.  I'm curious what this means specifically though:



this is what is on the specimen lab results.  Does this mean the CIN extended into glandular tissue?  Isn't that bad?  What are the chances it will be back this year or in the future?  I have a follow up 1 year appt next week and I feel like I'm reliving last year.  All info welcome, the good the bad, the truth!  Thank you!!!


So the involvement of the Endocervical glands is usually indicative of CGIN. The fact it only mentions CIN is quite confusing. 
The fact you had clear margins last year though is very encouraging. I would specifically ask about this at your appointment next week, it is important we understand the situation in full!

Goof luck next week!


Hi Jen, 

Thanks for replying.  I asked and the NP seemed confused by it as well.  She sort of brushed it off as saying that since the margins were clear there's nothing to worry about...however....I had the yearly pap done at that appointment and it just came back with CIN1.  I know it's "just CIN1" but to have any abnormality this soon after a supposedly successful LEEP is scary.  I haven't heard from the NP yet, I just saw the labs online.  Again, thanks for replying to me ❤️

Also sending the ounces of positive vibes I can muster to you.  Thank you for being there for me when you are in the thick of it.