Down day

Hi all me again, having a bad day worrying so much. Got a letter saying border line changes and evidence of HPV, Colposcopy booked 26 June. I have been reading everything I can and I read that even though its a border line case after investigation they could find CC. So scare I really am. Also another question I am a single mum and have booked a holiday with my daughter week commencing 8 July. I am really worried I will be too ill/sore to play with her and what about swimming?? I just feel like I am letting her down :((((

Hi there

Sorry to hear about your letter…

Borderline changes DO NOT mean you have CC!! Try not to think the worst, they may not even find anything major. :slight_smile:
Many a ladies have told me on here not to google… It freaks you out! Easier said than done i know, but it’s good advice! :slight_smile:

As for the colposcopy itself they may not even need to do anything! :slight_smile: I had biopsies taken … 4 in total, and it wasn’t too bad at all, just like a period pain for the day after but I was back to normal after that :slight_smile:
The only thing I would check is about swimming afterwards (if you’re going on that kind of holiday!)

All the best… And TRY not to worry too much! :slight_smile: xxx

Hi there,

I'd echo all that EmJess has said. Borderline changes are actually the very earliest changes and HPV testing has changed the way they manage the screening service. A year or two if you'd had a borderline smear they would left you and retested in 6 months. This is because these are changes will often go back to normal on their own. It's because of the HPV that you're being sent to coploscopy, but many women will find their immune system gets rid of the HPV. Being checked is a good thing as it means you'll be looked at properly. Cell changes are not CC, try to hold on to that.

I do understand how worrying all this can be, try to distract yourself as much as you can and try not to Google. All the best to you and take care x

Thank you so much both for your reassurance :) xxxx