Doubts about proceedings

Hi :). I’ve re-read my post I know I should try to make it shorter, but I’m quite upset and don’t really feel up to it. So, for those with a lot of patience… :slight_smile:

I recently had my yearly revision and the citology indicated HSIL and HPV infection. I have had a pap smear every year since I’ve been sexually active, and last year results were all clear, but this year I changed gynaecologist… I guess the new one was better than the other, because it seems very unlikely that I magically developed an infection and HSIL in a year (with my partner for 10 years, too). At least I’m under the impression that she has been missing the problem for years.

The new doctor, though probably professionally good, was incredibly rude. He gave me the results with the door open and all the waiting room listening, told me “not to be mad” and that “I didn’t have cancer” (he had just handed me a paper telling that I had a 7% probability of having cancer and a 2% of it being invasive) and to look for information in his web page (which apart of some extra scary facts said nothing that doesn’t appear in Wikipedia), and refused to answer any question.

Later on, I had a colposcopy and three biopsies made, from the surface of the cervix, and they turned out CIN3, which I guess was in my case the worst possible outcome (if there was an actual tumor on the surface of the cervix the doctor would have seen it before).

It seems a whole area all around the opening of the cervix turned white with the contrast. I’ve been looking for information in the internet, and I think that given the circumstances the doctor that took the samples should have made an endocervical curettage as well, since all the tissue outside seemed to be abnormal. I used to rely on the doctor’s opinion, but now I’m not so sure. Also it was a private lab, and my referral note only said “colposcopy and biopsy”, so I think maybe they wouldn’t make a test they hadn’t been asked to.

Now I have to wait for the holidays to be over to have an appointment with mi new new doctor (she is nice, I hope she is as well competent). My worst fear now is that, taking aside the fact that she didn’t check whether I had HPV, my first doctor was not such an enormous fraud, and that I might have cancer inside the cervix. I have read that if it is spreading from inside out changing from nothing to CIN3 in a year would not be so rare.

Should I wait, or should I start calling every gynaecologist in the book until one of them agrees that I need an endocervical cutterage?

Is there any place where I can find statistics about cancer inside the cervix?

Thank you for reading, if you have reached this far. I’m aware I’ve rambled quite a lot.


hi this mught be useful ir mag not bw but when u had my colscopic done the dic saud i had cin1 but when it came back it was cin2 got to have loop treatment this month but he did also check the womb and said nothing there i think this is how they check but i dont know if yours was but mine was all on camera and i see him check the womb x