Don't understand results

Hey guys,

I received my results from the lab today but I don't completely understand them and haven't been able to contact my doctor.

The report says . . Diagnosis: Cervix (Core) - Focal residual CIN 3. Koilocytosis.

Does this make any sence to anyone?

Thank you :-)

Samantha xxx

I think that just means you have cin 3 which is the high grade abnormal cells lower part of cervix the most commonly area xx

Thank you Esmeela.

I was wondering what focal residual means, don't seem to be able to find anything searching on here.

Thank you for your reply xxx

I had a goggle but can't find anything sorry. Are they sending you a results letter? I think it's probably lab jargon xx

Hi i can tell you that koilocytosis is HPV changes. The koilocytosis is lab jargon, usually in letter they wouldn't use that word and just hpv, which we are familiar with x

No results letter said nothing about hpv xx

Thanks for trying Esmeela, yes its come directly from the lab, i suppose il have an appointment with the doctor to explain them properly but iv been calling non stop with no answer.


Thanks Tan.


Xx :-)