Don't think Ill live long. In a dark place

So i went to 2 places already to get a biopsy. Its been a year going on 2. 

The first was a hospital where the specimen died and it couldnt be processed 


2nd was a place that the dr just did a pap smear and i got bo results and didnt schedule me for another appointment. 


I dont want to keep getting stuff shoved up my cervix bc i dont want to damage it byt i feel all this waiting will have it develop into cancer if it hasnt already. I have the worst strands to boot 16 and 18. 


Hi Cecylia

Sorry to hear that you are feeling so down. I see from another post that your son is only 10 months old. I am worried about you feeling so down and phoned the helpline to ask them how you can be helped. The helpline number is at the top of this page and they are open for the next couple of hours and suggested that I tell you to call them. It's really important that you talk to someone about how you are feeling and get support for your mental health. If you do not live in the UK and are therefore unable to call Jo's helpline at least call a trusted friend or doctor. You are not alone with this diagnosis and I know it's tough waiting for test results. Remember HPV is not cancer. Your body may well clear the HPV itself but you need to make sure you look after your physical and mental health. I really hope you will feel better soon.

Big hugs

A x