Don't really want HRT

Hi Everyone, I am new here, and am conflicted with what to do, after chemo radiotherapy and brachytherapy for cervical cancer, I have now been diagnosed clear. I am not suffering to much with menopause. However my consultant the menopause clinic and my GP think HRT would be beneficial for me, due to my age 42, saying that thr risk of heart disease would be reduced and to help my bones from becoming brittle, and the risk for me because of my age for breast cancer is even less, as I naturally would be still producing hormones, plus they say that HRT will help with stretching me back out with dialators. All sounds great, but the thought of being on anything for around 10 years, I just hate it, plus I tend to get a bit paranoid about having an reaction to drugs, I just can't help it. Plus the cancer research website said HRT will not help with stretching the vagina back out after radiotherapy, so not sure what to do. Did anyone else feel similar, despite what experts are saying?

Hi Yayclear,

I am in the same boat as you at the moment my consultant has advised she thinks going on HRT would be benificial to me, I am 29 & haven't really been bothered too much by it yet, hot flushes mainly.

I am the same really, before this I didn't really take medication or like taking it, so the thought of being on something for 10 years is putting me off. I wonder if there are different ways of dealing with it without the use of medication, if anybody has any advice xx you both should take their advice. It's a premature menopause and your bones and circulation will suffer without. It's not about symptom.control which is absolutely your choice but about your future well being. It's not really medication but a replacement for something you should have naturally. It's like a diabetic needing insulin.

What exactly puts you off? It's very straight forward. I just have gel to rub in each day

Karen x

Hi All,


I had radio/chemo/brachy which finished in February and got the all clear in June. I’m 33 and was sort of of the opinion that HRT was only if you needed it, but when I saw my consultant in June she was surprised my GP hadnt already started me on it.


I have mild hot flushes, and no other symptoms of menopause. The last couple of days I’ve suffered from severe back pain and I feel like ultimately HRT is something they‘re going to push due to brittle bones. 


I know how both you ladies feel, but definitely know that what people are saying is in our best interests. If we were going through the menopause naturally It would be a different kettle of fish, but I feel like we should definitely follow the advice of the professionals on this one. I’ll keep you up to date on how it goes for me :)

Excellent! You don't want crumbly old bones! 

Hi there, 

I am in the same position as you and really don’t want HRT.

I am about to look into homeopathic treatments for menopausal symptoms. It might not work but I think I would like to give it a try first.

Not sure if you have considered this option. 

Good luck



I'm 42 as well, and 4 months post treatment.  I'm not a fan of taking any meds, ever, but the benefits of HRT really outweigh the drawbacks.  Especially if you've had radiation treatment, which puts you at a MUCH higher risk of something called an insufficiency fracture which is very painful.  I've been on HRT for one month and although my side effects of menopause weren't bad, I feel much better on it.  I'm an active person and really don't want a broken pelvis or lumbar spine to slow me down!