Don't really know where to start.


I was advised to visit my doctor by a friend as I mentioned that I had bleeding in between periods for tha last three months.

I went to gp, was examined, had a smear and referred for an urgent appointment at the hospital. All in one visit.

Was told I had an inflamed cervix and it didn’t look right.

I’m in shock. I was so blase thinking that it was ok but to be referred urgently frightened the living daylights out of me.

I have to wait for a letter now from the hospital for an appointment.

I am up to date with my smear tests.

Don’t really know why I wrote this post just needed to get it off my chest.

Skinnybeachy - I can imagine your worry with hearing, "it didn't look right". I would be beside myself. Positive thoughts your way. Keep us posted! Hugs. 

Try not to worry, the main thing is that you are up to date with your smears. There are many reasons for bleeding outside of your period and CC is far down the list of these. Fibroids, cysts, infection, ectropian, disfunctional uterine bleeding, stress. Good luck for your appt x

I just had a letter stating that I am on the gynaecological waiting list. I called and an urgent appointment is about 8 weeks. 

That seems like a long time to worry and wait.