Don't know what to choose

Hey guys me again, my doctor has tolf me to have a good think about what surgery I want, either hysterectomy 

Or radical hystetrectomy and I really don't know I haven't had any kids yet and I'm only 23

but I'm scared that of I don't have it all out the cancer will come back 

but also if I don't that it's harder to become pregnant and more likely to misscarrige and I don't wana have to go through all that

its a tough one but is like anyone's opinion and experiences who haven't had kids yet what did you decIDE and did it come back if you had the RD? 


Thanks pab xx

Hi there

I have just had a radical trachelectomy for stage 1B1 CC.  I also have no children and wanted the chance at pregnancy.  I was told that recurrance rates are similar between the radical hysterectimy and trachelectomy.  They also took 19 lymph nodes to check for any spread during the op and they checked the cervix uring the op for any sign of spread.  If there is ANY sign of spread or if they are unsure that they can get everything with an RT they will usually perform a hysterectomy instead during the same op.   

The doctor did say that it can be more difficult to do smears and check the reamaining tissue for recurrance after a RT.  My surgeon is seeing me personally for my smears so that he can be confident i am checked thoroughly.

Have you been staged yet?  Be sure you take a list of quetions with you when you see your surgeon.

If you have any questions at all about RT please just ask.

Sending positive thoughts your way.


Hey yeah I was staged with stage 1b cc they removed most of it with the lettz but need to go back a week Wednesday to decIDE what treatment I want and stuff 

I also want kids but scared of it coming back I've had the MRI and everything that showed it hadn't spread anywhere just confined to my cervix

in going away monday for a holiday but need to make a descion when I get home 

many thanks pab xx

Hi Pab,

I'm a bit confused here as to what choices you have been offered is it a trachelectomy versus a hysterectomy?

In my opinion if they offer two different things, then they are pretty sure that the less severe one will do the trick for you. Whichever one you choose, you will be watched like a hawk and so if there is any sign of recurrence they will have you back in for further treatment. Therefore, if you want to retain the option of having a family in the future a trachelectomy might be the better option for you.

That is of course only my opinion.

Be lucky