Dont know what I can take and what I can't any Ideas?

Hi ladies

so I finished my radio/chemo treatment about 2 months ago now, and have fully gone into menopause at the age of 28, so I rang my mcmillan nurse about going on hrt and she advised me that I would not be allowed to go on it due to the type of cancer I had which was adenocarcinoma and said that anything oestrogen based could feed the cancer! so here I am having hot flushes all the time and emotionally all over the place one minute I'm fine then I'm angry then I'm crying and I dont even know why some days, so I just wondered if you ladies had any advice on what I may be able to take that may help? I'm just starting to feel so depressed all the time and just dont know what to do I really want to stay strong and positive untill I get my results but its just getting harder and harder as the days go on :(

Hi Maria - how are you going? I am the same age as you went on HRT 2 months after my treatment after my symptoms kicked in so know exactly how you're feeling..I was exactly the same..moods, hot flushes holy moly, it was so macmillan nurse told me I had to go on ostrogen only HRT as none of my bits inside worked any I went to the doctor and he prescribed me the one my macmillan nurse said..I then looked into things a little more and went and saw a HRT/Menopause specialist and she couldn't believe what I had been prescribed. As I had only had radio/chemo, no surgery, I still physically had my uterus so needed the progesterone and not having this can cause cancer of the uterus! I couldn't believe it. Anyway - I think it's really best you speak with a specialist..I can speak with you about the one I saw in London that I went to and she was amazing. There is so much you can do to eliviate the symtoms and also protect your bones. Please don't think you have to live with the symptoms - I literally don't know how you're doing it - I was a wreck, and you definitely don't need this coming off the back of a really traumatic time! Message me if you want to chat! xxxxx

Hi, just a suggestion, i take a HRT called tibolone, it has no hormones and i find it very helpful with flushes dryness etc, it is not like the other hrt preps it is synthetic steroid but dont be alarmed by the word steroid as it acts completely different to usual steroids, it mimics oestrogen and progesterone somehow, perhaps u could look it up or ask your GP or gyn doc about it..hope this helps good luck xxx