Dont give up

Hi ladies,


I havent been on the forums for a long long time. BUT i wanted to share something with you all who are going through difficulties right now.


11 years ago almost to the day, I was diagnosed with cervical cancer. A year later when I was told it had returned despite treatment, I was given the option of extremely radical surgery or have 12 months to live. I was very lucky to have the surgery and now 10 years on, I am about to take part in a mini sprint triathlon. A 300m swim, a 9k bike ride and a 3k run... 
My point..... Dont give up on anything. Find something inside you and push through no matter what.... 
I still cant believe i am about to do this but want to thank all my friends and family for getting me to where i am today....

So have belief in getting through it, dig your heels in and stay strong...


Hi Elaine,

what an amazing lady you are!!  I am in complete awe of you.  I used to run between 10 & 15 k before diagnosis in october and currently cant see me ever getting back to that fitness level again lol so you really are an inspiration...well done.  Can I ask you about the pelvic exenteration as I have read about this as an option if cancer reoccurs but just hope I never have to go through it after what I read.  I dont have my results yet but like to be prepared and not the options, warts and all!!

Thankyou for sharing your story as I will think of all you have achieved during my darker have made my weekend!




Thanks for sharing & congratulations - and good luck for your triathlon!

I hope lots of ladies read your story & find comfort & strength from it.

You’re inspirational, brave & I thank you for coming back to share your message of hope & encouragement.

Lisagp x x x

Wow what an amazing story!! Good luck with your triathalon!! What a brave strong & inspiring story!!! Xxx thanks for sharing it xx

Thank you Elaine, it's good to know you are enjoying life to the full after such a big operation so many years ago. Your post has really comforted me.

I saw my consultant today as the results of my MRI scan last week were worrying. They think they may have taken it too early (only 2 months since last rad) and that the mass may be scar tissue; otherwise the tumour has shrunk but not gone. It's possible I may need a pelvic exentoration if the proposed PET scan in a month's time shows the tumour remains.