Don't forget to #smearforsmear Cc awareness

Hi all don't forget jos cervical cancer smear awareness week started today. 

They want you to put your make up on, smear your lippy and post to Facebook/ twitter with #smearforsmear @jotrust in your message and write something to spread awareness of the importance of smears. As a smearshirker who is being treated cos I bucked my ideas up and went I urge you to do this and nominate your friends.

I didn't mention my diagnosis just the importance of smears to 5,000 of us a year. 

There is a text donation u can make too. I have had so much help just from reading the forums and the advice from the amazing women on here it's good to give a tiny bit back xx

however hope they also teach the nurse who gave me the most painful smear and made me a shirker a bit of training!!




I am most amazed at how many of my friends would rather douche themselves in ice water than talk ladybits in public! Ho hum, I figure if just one person goes out and gets a smear then we have done our work!!!


Ha ha! :-)

I don't have a camera nor a smartphone, and I don't have facebook / Twitter / Instagram either, so  .  .  .

I put my lippy on, kissed my handbag mirror, smudged the kiss, put it facedown on my scanner, and uploaded the jpeg to along with a link to the #SmearForSmear page :-) I hope it does some good :-)

Yowsers Tivoli that's dedication!