Done with treatment!

I have finished 6 rounds of chemo, 33 external radiation, 3 internal radiation and a hysterectomy. Seven weeks in isolation. Wow what a journey. I am blessed to have had my mom here with me though this whole thing along with my husband. I found out Tuesday at my pre op exam that my tumor was gone!!! I bawled. I was not expecting that. So happy to hear that the trearments did their job. Surgery went very well. Better than expected. No complications. And best of all the lymph node is clear! No more cancer. So they didn't have to take my lymph node!!! Honestly i feel so lucky, blessed, thankful. It seems around every corner i have received the best news. 

My energy is back. The nausea is finally gone! My guts hurt. Lol but otherwise i feel great. They did the survery using laparoscopy so they filled my belley full of gas. This was the worst part. The pain was so bad the second night it scared my husband. Haha. But i was able to burp myself like a baby and it actually did the job! Hilarious. Just patted my back in an upward motion until i burped several times. So weird how that works! 

Any who... I Just wanted to update my progress. Next step will be my 3 month scan. I Can't believe it's over. Other than the healing. I am so thankful for this forum. Foe all the women on here who have shared their stories, given advice, given me support and just listened. I Can't begin to tell you how much you have done for me. I would not have been okay without this! It makes such a huge difference to talj with people who know first hand what you are dealing with. I am beyond grateful. I look forwars to paying it forward. 

Much love and gratitude.❤


Hi StaceyJane,

Brilliant to hear you are done!  

I have got great strength and positivity from this site and there are some wonderful ladies on here supporting each other.  It really helps to read positive stories so thank you for sharing.  

Good luck with your recovery.  Knowing that you are now cancer free should make it easier.  Be kind with yourself and take it a step at a time.

Big hugs


Congratulations! I am so thrilled to hear that you can finally just focus on healing from surgery and moving on with your life! I hope you have a gentle celebration of some sort today.

Well done! Amazing news

Stacy, that is amazing news I'm so glad to hear happy your surgery went well and your doing sure you're 3 month scan will come back good! I seen Texas has opened back up , be safe out there. Enjoy some good rest and I'm so happy for you!

Hi StacyJane 

Just wanted to say I am so happy to hear that your treatment is complete, what a whirlwind 7 weeks youve had! It must be such a relief to know the tumour is gone and the lymph are clear. Just wonderful. Well done! xxx

Well done!! I'm so pleased for you. Be safe I. This crazy world and be kind to yourself you deserve to be spoilt rotten. 
massive hugs xx 

Thank you! 

We celebrated with mom's lasagne (my absolute favorite!) And her scratch brownies!!! When this whole thing is over there will be a big party! 

Yes unfortunately our governor is an idiot! I will not be going anywhere! I only do curbside pick up for groceries. No take out! I don't have to go back to work until the end of June thank god. I am terrified. The people here are acting like it is over, they are going to cause an tsunami of a second wave! Going to get a lot worse before it gets better. 

I will keep myself safely hidden away as long as possible!

Thank you for your kindness. 

Be well.

Such a huge relief. I get teary eyed. So happy. Thank you.

Thank you!

You are so close to being done too! So proud of you. 

Thank you!