I lost my lovely wife Sarah in April 2011 and we found Jo's Trust to be a great help to us during the tough times that we had. Lots of interaction from members' and it helped being able to read and understand that we were not alone. Since losing Sarah, I have made donations to Jo's Trust because I considered it to be my primary charity of choice. My latest donation on the 25th of November 2013 was for £50, in the grand scheme not much, but it was all that I could afford. The donation was made in memory of my dear Sarah, who is my soul mate. I am disappointed that no-one could actually take the time to acknowledge my donation save for an impersonal reciept from Worldpay, the organisation that collects your online donations. This year was my last donation to Jo's Trust. It seems to have lost that personal touch, the empathy with sufferers, and those left behind. I hope that you don't subsequently start to become like Cancer Research UK another organisation that I took great pride in collecting for and participating in events for. While I have no doubt that Jo's Trust is an invaluable source of information and comfort to many, I hope that those of you that run the organisation don't forget that there is a human behind those online posts and donations. Sarah never, ever fades from my memory. She is in my thoughts constantly and I will continue to make small donations in her memory, but I will now have to rethink my charitable giving as I feel my donation was taken for granted and that in turn offends the memory of my Sarah.


I can only sincerely apologise for me missing seeing your post on the forum before now. It is unacceptible that you've been left to wait so long and I am so sorry.

We did indeed receive your very kind donation in Sarah's memory and responded to thank you within 24 hours. We're absolutely mortified that this communication didn't reach you as our supporters and fundraisers are incredibly important to us. We strive to make sure that we respond personally to every donation that we receive.

I will contact you by telephone shortly to talk things through with you and to apologise in person.

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

Best wishes




Firstly, I am so sorry you lost your wife to this dreadful disease, you must miss her so much.

I just wanted to say that after I was diagnosed with CC last September, I made 2 donations to Jo's as I had received so much help and support from the forum.  Both times I had a lovely letter of thanks.  I have not long set up a monthly direct debit as I continue to get comfort and support and again I received a lovely letter thanking me for what I had done.

I hope this one experience doesn't turn you against Jo's as they are a truly wonderful organisation that has helped so many of us.

Love & hugs