Don’t understand my smear result

Hello everyone,

I have received my smear result letter and it states I have borderline changes which need to be further examined (6 weeks time), however it did not mention whether I had HPV or not. I was HPV positive last year but it didn’t mention if I was still positive or now negative in the letter. I rang the doctors secretary and she said that if it was positive it would clearly state it in the letter, but from what I’ve read online, I wouldn’t be invited in for a colposcopy if I was HPV negative as the borderline changes would go back to normal. Has anyone else received a similar letter? I just want to know if I have the virus or not, but it seems impossible to find out from the hospital.


So with the smear tests they don’t test for abnormal cells unless you are HPV positive. So unfortunately it seems like you still may have HPV with borderline changes this time. Perhaps it was an admin error in the letter.

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