Don’t know which option to choose! Advise please

I went for my first smear (aged 25) 31 July, results came back as hpv and high grade changes. Went for a colposcopy and has a biopsy 1st September and had my results today. The nurse said they are showing as CIN1 / CIN2. She said I could leave treatment and have another smear in 6 months as she isn't too worried and it could be unnecessary or I could go ahead with it now.
My dilemma is we are wanting to conceive. I'm so upset thinking about holding off and having treatment and then not being able to try for at least 6 months and potentially having unnecessary treatment (if cells go back to normal on their own) or do I risk it and not have treatment until hopefully a years time once we have had a baby. I have to make a decision and I don't know which one is more of a risk. I'm devastated I'm having to make this choice and feel under a lot of pressure. Anyone had the same experience?? 

Hi, I could of wrote this myself and am going through the exact same thing! I have just wrote a post myself but not sure if it's been accepted (new member, a little unsure what I'm doing!) I'm 26 and had my first smear last year which was HPV positive and had to have it repeated this year which showed HPV still and high grade moderate dyskaryosis, punch biopsy cane back as cin2. Nurse rang me yesterday to discuss options either 6 monthly follow ups or lletz. Like you I am very unsure and worried. My partner and I are also wanting to conceive, this whole thing has made us want to get a move on. I'm leaning more towards the 6 monthly follow ups where I will have a colposcopy and biopsy each time but I want to know if the repeated biopsies hold any risks. If you get pregnant during the follow ups nurse said it wasn't an issue, they will still follow you up and have a look but not do the biopsy. I asked if this would be enough to determine whether the cells had worsened/improved and she said pretty much yes. Did the hospital mention any of that to you? I am going to try and speak to her again on Monday to clear a few things up. If it has worsened then I'm sure they will do the lletz a few months after birth. 

I know how anxious you must be and it's all so much to take think about and take in, it's consumed all my thoughts! Although I don't wish this on anybody, it's good to know someone else is in the same position and can talk about it together, it would be good to keep each other updated x

Hello :) 

I just wanted to reply to you both as I am in a very similar situation. I am 27, ready to start a family and have just received a letter to say I have CIN2.  Yet to have my phone call to discuss my options but I'm feeling very uncertain about what I will decide to go for. 

As mentioned above, I'm sorry you're both going through this too, but wanted to emphasise further that you're not alone :)