Don’t know what to think :(

Yes, that's far too long away. Don't let them sit on them! I think you and weeping willow may have geographical location  in common.



I hope this week goes really quickly for you x 

I may have a similar geographical location to you too as I was treated at that hospital xxx

I was treated at that hospital a week today. They were amazing and really didn’t sit on things. I went in for my op in 2 days notice. I wish you both the very best. And that the outcome is much better than you think.    Hugs. X

Thanks for replying everyone.

I live in Manchester and have been treated by Christie’s since October 2017. My scan was at saint Mary’s hospital though this time around. Not sure if Christie’s didn’t have any availability but at least it’s done now 


Any update? I'm only a few months out of treatment, so very curious about everyone's experiences on here...

Hope all was ok and you're doing well...and if that wasn't the case, sending positive vibes!

Hi Jess

No not yet as I only had the scan on Friday. Christie’s should have my results this week. I’m just keeping positive :)

will let you know when I hear something 


Hi everyone!

i got my scan results today. ALL CLEAR! Thought I’d share the news because I know I’m always looking for positive stories to get me through this! 

They said the area around my cervix is still very inflamed but the PET scan showed no cancer


laughing Xx

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So very pleased for you niamh x 

I'm in North Manchester and was treated at your hospital 3 years ago. They discharged me in July last year - earlier than usual but they agreed as they no longer do scans or internals. It was so stressful going there for follow up appointments x

Fantastic news Niamh. Really delighted for you. What a fabulous year you will have! I hope Weeping Willow has the same outcome!

Karen x 

What a great result. I'm so pleased for you. 

Excellent news! Thank you for sharing it really does help to hear good news updates. Enjoy that all clear x

Thank You Everyone!


Great news ,so happy for you.



I was so pleased to catch up on this one! Great news..