Dog (random question)

I'm starting treatment in a couple of weeks, and am starting to wonder about my dog, does anybody know if you can or can't have pets around while undergoing treatment?

My specialist nurse said your own pets are OK as you are used to any bacteria they carry but be careful around other people's not really dogs but cats rabbits etc. I had a dog and bought a puppy during my treatment so you are all good.


Charlene xx

I have 2 cats and they have stayed with me throughout my treatment and I've not had any issues. As they are house cats I have to wear gloves and a mask when cleaning out there tray but that's about it.

It's nice to have your pets whilst going through this as they provide comfort when your feeling low. One of my cats hasn't left my side since I've been poorly annoying at times but it's been a comfort when I've needed a cry or a cuddle x

I had my dog with me the whole time.Sometimes had a walker for him if

I was too ill,but they are the best tonic to keep you going,during and after


All the best

Becky x