Doesn't feel quite right

Hi I had my lletz for cin2 back in October '15 I had pain from day 1 finally went to the docs in December and had an infection. Even after the antibiotics it still doesn’t feel right, if I lift something heavy (that I would have done previously) I get pain or gentle exercise. And I have seen to lost my sex drive sorry for the tmi! I have a great husband who is very understanding But wasn’t sure if I need to go back to go or just wasting his time? Or if someone has gone through something previous, I’m having a hard time emotionally.
Sorry for the long post

Hi Sarah sorry to hear your not feeling so good. My advice would be to go and see your GP sometimes a second course of antibiotic is needed or a different one. Of course your husband will be understanding he knows your not feeling so well. When we are not feeling100% we get emotional I know I do. I hope you get well soon Keep in touch I will be thinking about you Hugs xxxxxxx