Does This Sound Like Cervical Cancer Symptoms? .

hya hun, i cant be completely certain as im not a doctor but i dont think it sounds like cancer. it does sound more like uti like you said they can make you really unwell. go an get it checked from docs coz they can see exactly whats there if anything an give anti biotics. some uti's wpnt go away without antibiotics. and drink loads of water. hope this helps. x

sounds like you have a water infection to me and the discharge is probably either thrush or BV (Bacterial Vaginosis), go to your GP x

Are period like cramps associated as well? I've got them even though it's not from my period

It actually sounds similar to cystitis hun. Do you feel like you need to urinate quite frequently but barely anything comes out? And does it feel a bit razor blade like when passing even the smallest amount of urine? Drink plenty of barley water - it helps flush it out. It could be a water infection or anything hun, get yourself checked out and put your mind at rest :) good luck! Take care xxx