Does Sinister mean Cancer?

I had a colposcopy about 6 weeks ago which showed abnormal cells. I was due to have Lietz but as something abnormal further up my cervix had shown on a MRI they wanted to do a punch biopsy too. Unfortunately I have a blood clotting illness so it was decided that it would be done under GA.
So last Monday I went into hospital for the procedures, after further consultation with the oncologist she decided to also do biopsies of my vagina, urethera & uterus.
The oncologist came to see me in recovery and said that she’d only seen one case like mine where it wasn’t sinister. She’s advised that regardless of the results I need to have a hysterectomy but has said that if it is as she suspects then I’ll have to have an invasive hysterectomy.
I’m therefore thinking she was preparing for for a diagnosis of Adenocarcinoma, especially as she said that there is a mass of cyst type lesions on my cervix that are covered with loads of mucus.
Do you think I’m being over pessimistic or realistic?

Hi Nedebz,

Sorry you find yourself here with the rest of us but it really is a fantastic site for support and information. I can't offer you advice regarding diagnosis as everyone's symptoms are very different. I can say that from my very first internal (A&E visit for big haemorrhage) I was literally told it was cancer. When I had my colposcopy the consultant took one look and said that looks nasty. I left convincing myself that my time was limited if these people could see cancer without as much as a microscope. I really thought it must be so advanced. A long wait for biopsy results and I was staged at 1b2 so not the horror story I thought I was going to hear. You will read over and over again on this site that the waiting for staging/results really is the hardest part. Once you have this information and a treatment plan you can get ready to start beating this. Wishing you all the best on your journey. 
x Maria


Hi Maria, thanks for your response. I can see from your signature that your treatment was performed really quickly which is good to see. I get my results on 12th November so hopefully not long until things are put into place.

Yes it did move quickly. I would have been all finished 2 weeks ago if surgery didn't come up but that was nobody's fault. I'm nearly there now with treatment and it definitely went a lot quicker than the waiting for results.

Thinking of you. Just ask any questions you need. There is a super bunch of ladies on here always willing to help if they can.

x Maria