Does painful smear = painful Colposcopy?

Hi there

I received my letter this week about my abnormal results and I have to say, this forum has been so helpful in answering a lot of questions that i’ve had buzzing around my head. So thank you very much. There are so many brave and inspirational ladies on here.

I have had approx 4 - 5 routine smears throughout my life (approx 3 years apart - whenever then send the letter.) Up until 3 years ago they all went along as normal. 3 years ago my smear test was so painful they sent me home and asked me back to do it again. When the test results came back, all was fine.

A few weeks ago it was that time again. And yet again the pain was so unbearable I almost past out and had pain for days after. This time the result came back requiring a Colposcopy, which is booked in for a few weeks time.

Aside from what this could mean, I am feeling incredibly anxious about the pain of the procedure. I have read the Colposcopy bit is ok, but the biopsy bit is the killer! I called the clinic to request to have anesthetic, but they said that wouldn’t be possible. Can anyone tell me about their experience and pain level?

Also, I am racking my brains how I got HPV! I have always used a condom and if i’ve been in a relationship and gone on the pill then we’ve both been tested first as I’ve always been so vigilant on sexual health!

Would love to chat to anyone about this, even if you haven’t had your colposcopy yet. I don’t want to speak to family and friends and worry them, so feel a little alone in this.

Thanks for reading :slight_smile:

Hi, I hope I can put your mind at rest a little.

Until last month all my smear tests have been normal, then one day the usual letter came, I was ready to just throw it away when I read high grade (severe) dyscaryosis, and I was booked in for a colposcopy. To say I was in shock is an understatement. I gained all the info I could and expected the worse( as you do!) 

The day came and I drove myself to the hospital, the colposcopy was painless (slightly embarrassing!) Then I had to have a biopsy and LLETZ treatment, which is what I was dreading. Particularly the local anaesthetic injections. So lying there with legs in air I asked whether the injections would be painful, to which she replied "I've already done 2!"

I didn't feel a thing. A little bit of cramping for a few days, very little discharge and felt a bit sleepy. No sex, swimming or baths for 4 weeks and no strenuous exersise for 2 weeks.

i hope this helps to stop your fears, you will be in very good hands of people dealing with this every day.

hope all goes well.


Thanks so much Jo! That's good to know. I was told the biopsy bit was without anestic, so I'm hoping your expierience is the norm. Pleased it went well and hope you had good results. x